Recent books regarding Arthur and those involved with the AEF. Good reads.

Building Seagram Book Cover

Building Seagram by Phyllis Lambert

Phyllis Lambert, Chair of the AEF board, recently published her book Building Seagram, which is a personal and deeply researched cultural history of architecture, art, urban regulations and real estate, as well as conservation and stewardship in New York City. Lambert was 27 when she took over the search for an architect and chose Mies van der Rohe. Through her choice, she established her role as a leading architectural patron and singlehandedly changed the face of American urban architecture.

Read reviews from the New York Times and the London Review of Books.

Ecodesign Book Cover

Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs by Jonathan Barnett and Larry Beasley

Larry Beasley, AEF board member, and Jonathan Barrett have recently published a book to demonstrate that a sustainable built and natural environment can be achieved through ecodesign, which integrates the practice of planning and urban design with environmental conservation, through normal business practices and the kinds of capital programs and regulations already in use in many communities. Ecodesign thinking is relevant to anyone who has a part in shaping or influencing the future of cities and suburbs – designers, public officials, and politicians.

Visit the website, and read a review from the Landscape Architects Network.

Francisco Kripacz Interior Design Book Cover

Francisco Kripacz Interior Design by Arthur Erickson

Edited by Geoffrey Erickson and funded in part by the AEF and AEF Board Member Hugo Eppich, this book is about the work of Erickson’s interior designer and is a rare insight into their exceptional partnership and seamless collaboration of interior design with architecture. It features over 150 colour photos of projects selected and written about by Erickson to show the extent of this tremendous talent.

This book was written by Arthur after the passing of his interior designer Francisco Kripacz in 2000, but it was not finished before Arthur himself passed away in 2009. Along with the text he did a full mock-up of the book, and selected the majority of the photographs. The book launches in Vancouver, November 12; Toronto, November 19; Montreal on November 21; and USA in spring 2016.