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Ever-central to Mr. Erickson's expansive, socially-conscious work as an architect and theorist was his belief in and commitment to education and research. Having served on the faculties of architecture at the University of Oregon and the University of British Columbia, Mr. Erickson understood well the need of each generation to contribute to the training of the next. Architecture, as he so passionately and often explained, requires careful and informed thinking to negotiate a sound and enduring solution to a design problem. Critical to such thinking is a culture of study of the built environment and its creation. 

The educational goal of the Arthur Erickson Foundation is to support architectural education and research and its emerging practitioners. 

To acknowledge the work of Mr. Erickson as a public intellectual and recognize both his contributions to his profession and his support of architectural education, the Arthur Erickson Foundation, in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and the Erickson Family, has established a Travel Study Award in Arthur Erickson’s honour. Taking its inspiration from Mr. Erickson's formative and extended journey around the Mediterranean basin after his graduation from the School of Architecture at McGill University, as well as his subsequent and considerable travels throughout the world, this award turns on the idea that architecture—as a human and always evolving social practice—must be marked by a rigorous curiosity about the world, a sensibility to culture and its wondrous diversity and a concern for nature and its stewardship. To learn more about the Travel Study Award, please see scholarships

This Travel Study Award is the first of the awards that the AEF is developing. In addition to awards, the AEF helps to support and coordinate architectural education and research by: 

  • maintaining the Arthur Erickson House and Garden as a publicly accessible site that reveals Arthur Erickson’s design principles and provides a frame of reference for understanding his ideas;  

  • offering public lectures and other events focused on architectural education; 

  • developing and maintaining the Resource section of this website to aid researchers in finding source material for research into Arthur Erickson’s life and work; 

  • supporting the website which provides an overview of Arthur Erickson’s life and work; and  

  • supporting research, archival and scholarly work related to Arthur Erickson. 



Photo credit: Erickson Estate Collection