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The Arthur Erickson Travel Study Scholarship

Within architecture schools across the country, nominations are now being considered for the $5,000 Arthur Erickson Travel Study scholarship. It will be awarded to an outstanding Canadian student completing a master degree program in architecture at a Canadian university to support his/her travel study outside of Canada.    

This Award commemorates the life and work of the architect Arthur Erickson and, in particular, honours what Mr. Erickson regarded as the transformative character of cultural awareness and the power of travel as a means of enriching and deepening an architect’s work. Indeed, Mr. Erickson always acknowledged the importance of his receiving an Award upon his graduation from McGill that permitted him to “walk” around the Mediterranean from Morocco to Spain. As he saw it, his curiosity about place, his sensitivity to landscape and terrain and his indefatigable interest in the specificities of culture—social and material—resulted in a journey that had a profound and enduring effect on his practice.  

If you’re an architecture student finishing your master’s degree and want to be nominated by your school for this scholarship, ask the head of your school about it. If you believe in the enriching power of travel and want to support this scholarship, go to donations and indicate Arthur Erickson Travel Study Scholarship. 



Photo credit: Erickson Estate Collection