Update: House + Garden Restoration

Besides garden maintenance, the Arthur Erickson Foundation’s House and Garden Committee has been working furiously on two fronts. 

  1. The preparation of a revised Garden Conservation Plan in consultation with heritage planners Don Luxton & Associates. The plan is intended to update the existing 2005 Plan, reflecting current conditions and the most recent Parks Canada guidelines and standards for heritage places, and is a companion to the Erickson House Conservation Plan, prepared in 2014 with the assistance of Luxton & Associates Inc. Both plans form an important part of our negotiations with the City of Vancouver.
  2. Preparing the garden for tours in general and for the Vancouver Heritage Foundation guided tour scheduled for September 26.  This necessitated major pruning of the cedar and laurel hedges and the removal of a dead Shore Pine, work which is now complete.  Further repairs to the cedar deck and the house entrance door, and general clean-up are still required.

Photo credit: Simon Scott